Voelkel today

The company – maintaining traditions and staying ahead of the times

Also in the years to come, Voelkel shall continue to operate in the form of a family business. In order to meet the economic, environmental and social requirements of the future, the family established the Voelkel Foundation at the end of 2011. In addition to the further development of the Voelkel GmbH on the basis of bio-dynamic principles, the Voelkel Foundation serves the promotion of organic farming both regionally and globally. As far as the employees are concerned, it creates and preserves jobs and conveys an understanding of sustainable economic activity.

For the cultivation partners, the reliable and fair cooperation with the Voelkel-Foundation means that they can go on managing and expanding their businesses according to the principles of nature conservation and environmental protection. By the same token, Voelkel’s customers are guaranteed that in future, too, they will be able to enjoy the tasty and natural products in organic and Demeter quality and, in doing so, will support the idea of sustainability.

The employees – professional competence leads to quality

Voelkel relies on qualified young talent and trains, among others, specialists for fruit juice technology, who are, still today, taught all traditional steps of juice production. In addition, members of staff are offered further training which is adjusted to the individual field of activity. These offers range from quality management through product training  seminars to project management. Moreover, staff members are given the opportunity to attend various training courses on, for example, Demeter farming, food legislation etc.


The product range – diverse and varied 

Voelkel’s present range of products includes fresh-from-the-field vegetable juices, healthy lacto-fermented vegetable and fruit juices, delicious not-from-concentrate juices as well as refreshing fruit juice variations. Today, the range comprises approximately 170 different products.

As Voelkel still practices a craft and does not work in large industrial style, the high quality requirements can be met.