On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the company, Stefan Voelkel and his four adult sons got together and discussed the future management of the enterprise. They were in agreement that both the founding principles as well as sustainable economic activities had to be ensured.

In other words: The fourth generation, too, is determined to focus on high-quality natural food juices in organic and Demeter quality and to advocate long-term business activities in harmony with mankind and nature. This main objective, codified in the foundation’s statutes, is dear to the heart of Stefan Voelkel. ‘In this way, I want to make sure that the core ideas of my grandparents and my father remain intact.’

90 percent of the company’s shares have gone into establishing in the Voelkel Foundation, the remaining 10 percent is reserved for charitable purposes. The four sons make up the Board of Trustees, Stefan Voelkel is the Chairman of the Foundation.

In addition to the main objective indicated above, the Foundation serves the purposes of promoting organic and bio-dynamic farming regionally and worldwide as well as safeguarding the further development of the company – so that the original principles of the company can be pursued in future, too.

As a consequence, the decisions and activities of the company’s individual departments – Product Development, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources Management and IT – again and again represent these founding principles.