Nature paradise orchards

Meadow orchards – a natural paradise

Meadow orchards are a valuable part of our cultural heritage and an important habitat for a high diversity of animal and plant species. Meadow orchards combine the conservation of nature and the organic usage of land.


Meadow Orchards Elbtal and Lüneburg 

In 2001, Stefan Voelkel initiated the foundation of the Bio-Streuobstverein Elbtal e. V. (Organic Meadow Orchards Elbtal, Registered Association) aiming at the promotion of regional meadow orchards. This association contacted and  motivated owners of meadows, informed them about the environmental advantages of such meadow orchards and provided saplings from old fruit varieties. In addition, a solution was worked out which enabled owners of only small orchards to have these bio-certified at affordable cost.

The purchase guarantee given by Voelkel provides the farmers with short distances to the fruit pressing plant. Voelkel buys the members’ fruits at fair prices before they are turned into high-quality, 100% direct juices. Every autumn, about 70 members take their organic fruit to Voelkel – any quantity from a few hundred kilogramms to several tons. The suppliers may be paid out in money or receive their share in the form of juice.

The tourists coming to our region also benefit from the conservation and expansion of the natural meadow orchards. Holiday makers can become familiar with them on a route leading along the old fruit varieties, they can get information and have a close look at the unique diversity of varieties.