Stop Climate Change

Voelkel’s climate-friendly juices

Stop Climate Change (SCC) is a German certification system which helps companies to analyze, reduce or compensate greenhouse gases resulting from production processes and, in this way, actively contributes to climate protection.

The system enables enterprises to record direct and indirect emissions as well as the subsequent optimisation of manufacturing processes. In addition, it provides for the compensation of unavoidable emissions and creates transparency for consumers.

Stefan Voelkel: ‘What cannot be minimized, is evened out. With 2 cents per bottle, we promote, for example, a wind power plant in Maharashtra, India, the country that supplies us with the mangoes  for our bio-apple-mango juice. We wanted to show that we do not just talk about the protection of our climate but that we also take action and do pioneering work. With the SCC-certification,  we have set an example for climate protection. That was a tough job!’