The raw ingredients we and our cultivation partners process are divided into different qualities. The tested quality of the ingredients of our juices and juice variations is depicted on each label and each packaging.


Demeter is our first choice, because the Demeter cultivation combines sustainability and the highest quality for Voelkel. At Voelkel we see the management in cycles, in harmony with man, nature and cosmos as the most sustainable cultivation method. Wherever possible, Voelkel turns to Demeter for raw ingredients. However, not all fruits are available in this quality and/or in the required amounts. Therefore Voelkel promotes sustainable bio-dynamic agriculture and conversion to Demeter surfaces.


Strict controls in our own production and by external laboratories, specialising in food testing ensure the highest quality. Checks take place continuously along the production path. In our own production laboratory, among other things, raw ingredients receiving controls, sensory analyses and chemical-physical investigations such as e.g. the determination of sugar and acidity are carried out. The external laboratories ensure additional independent controls and testing, e.g. for residues of pesticides.

Due to the holistic claim, the great wealth of experience and the expertise of our staff, Voelkel succeeds in maintaining the greatest possible naturalness of the precious raw ingredients using gentle production processes.


Demeter quality

Only products that have been produced in accordance with the principles of bio-dynamic farming carry the trademark of the Demeter Organic Farmers’ Association. This means that it is obtained in closed cycles, without synthetic preservatives and driving mineral fertilisers. Preparations of manure, medicinal plants and minerals in this type of agriculture increase soil fertility, provide for an increase of the humus layer and help the food develop its characteristic aroma. Both the sowing and the harvest are oriented to cosmic rhythms.

Organic quality

The term “organic” stands for the food produced according to the EU Eco Regulation. The terms “organic” and “eco” are protected by law when used in connection with food. The use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms is prohibited in organic farming. A possible closed operational nutrient cycle is aspired to preserving and promoting soil fertility.

Bio & Fair

Voelkel is involved in the BioFairVerein to support fair trade at the regional level. As a member, Voelkel is obligated to set prices mutually agreed with the producers and to buy raw ingredients regionally as far as possible. Long-term supply and purchase agreements are concluded. Fairness means more than just fair prices. It includes transparency, quality, environmental protection and social commitment.

Organic orchards

Voelkel’s organic fruit comes from orchards that have been certified according to the EU Eco Regulation. An active contribution to nature conservation and bio-diversity is made through the maintenance of organic orchards. The same guidelines apply as with organic quality.

Organic mineral water

Organic mineral water comes from especially pure sources that meet the strict organic mineral water criteria as regards residues of pesticides, fertilisers, uranium etc. Organic mineral water not only has the highest quality but is also potable environmental protection:

The focus is on, next to the purity requirement, the careful, sustainable extraction of water, its environmentally friendly packaging and the protection of our water resources against contamination. The organic mineral water seal guarantees the best mineral water quality which is checked regularly by an independent certification body.


Bioland is the leading association for organic farming in Germany. The economic way of Bioland operations is based on a recycling management – without synthetic pesticides and chemically synthetic nitrogen fertiliser. The animals are kept appropriate to the species and the food carefully processed. This enables an environmentally sound and sustainable food production.

Organic wild fruit

Fruits of this quality come from controlled biological wild gathering. The wild fruits grow in remote areas, far from direct pollutant influxes from traffic and industry. They are not from plantation cultivation. The region is certified in accordance with the EU Eco Regulation and is regularly controlled.

Fair Trade Sustanability Alliance

Die Fair Trade Sustainability Allicance (FairTSA) ist eine Non-Profit-Organisation, die auf die Entwicklung von Standards zu fairem Handel und sozialer Verantwortung, ethisches Supply-Chain-Management und die Förderung einer verantwortungsbewussten, nachhaltig handelnden Gemeinschaft spezialisiert ist. Die Fair Trade-Standards von FairTSA decken Agrarerzeugnisse, Verarbeitung, Kosmetika und Handwerk ab. Die FairTSA-Standards sind in Übereinstimmung mit den Anforderungen der internationalen Organisation für Normung (ISO) gestaltet. Zudem wurden bestehende Standards wie diejenigen der FairTrade Labelling Organization (FLO), der Social Accountability Standard SA 8000, das USDA National Organic Program (NOP), weitere private Standards so-wie die ISEAL-Standard-Entwicklungsempfehlungen berücksichtigt. In den Statuten ist beispielsweise festgehalten, dass mindestens 95% der Zutaten (ohne Wasser und Salz) fair zertifiziert sein müssen.

Das unabhängige Siegel von FairTSA (Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance) gibt unseren Kunden die Sicherheit, das die internationalen Standards für fairen Handel eingehalten werden. Es garantiert zudem eine besondere soziale Verantwortung und die Förderung einer verantwortungsbewussten, nachhaltig handelnden Gemeinschaft. Mit dem Kauf eines FairTSA-Produktes leisten sie einen Beitrag zur Verbesserung der Lebens- und Arbeitsbedingungen von Kleinbauern, Landarbeitern und Arbeitern in den Verarbeitungsbetrieben der Anbauländer und zur Förderung des Umweltschutzes.

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