Our Range of Products – Broad and Diverse  
Today, the product assortment from Voelkel ranges from directly bottled juices made from freshly harvested, flavourful carrot and beets up to delicious lacto-fermented vegetable juices, exquisite “Muttersaft” (literally “mother juice”), premium 100% pure, not-from-concentrate organic juices made from carefully selected fruits, and refreshing fruit juice variations.

Employees – Quality Assurance through Specialised Expertise

Together with approximately 145 Voelkel employees, Stefan Voelkel has succeeded in transforming the company from a juice manufacturer into one of the most well-known organic brands. Today, the family-owned business is an important employer in the structurally weak region of northeast Lower Saxony.

Voelkel makes it a priority to recruit and develop qualified young staff and to support and foster their enthusiasm for the fine art of juice making. To this end, the family company trains employees to become fruit juice experts, teaching them all of the traditional steps involved in juice production. Employees are offered continuing education and training courses covering a wide variety of subjects specially aligned with their area of work. Training opportunities include quality assurance seminars, product training, and project management courses. In addition, employees are given the option to attend various training workshops, for example on the topics of Demeter biodynamic agriculture, food law, etc.

Since the Voelkel company is still a family-owned artisan business and not a large-scale industrial producer, our high quality standards and special, unique recipes can be transformed into a broad and diverse assortment of products.