The raw ingredients we use for our products are categorised into different qualities. The quality of the ingredient(s) utilised for a product is listed on every bottle.

Demeter Quality
Demeter stands for superior quality. Only products that are grown and produced in accordance with the methods and principles of biodynamic agriculture can be labelled with the certified logo of the Demeter Biodynamic Agricultural Association. That means they have to be grown and cultivated in closed cycles wherever possible, without the use of chemical-synthetic preservatives or mineral fertilisers that accelerate growth. In biodynamic farming, preparations made from dung, medicinal plants and minerals enhance soil fertility, facilitate growth of the humus layer and help the food develop its characteristic flavour and aroma. Both the sowing and the harvest are aligned with cosmic rhythms.

Organic (“Bio”) Quality
The term “organic” applies to food grown and produced in compliance with the EU Regulation on Organic Production of Agricultural Products. When used in connection with food, the terms “organic”, “bio” and “eco” are legally protected. In organic farming, the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and genetically engineered organisms is prohibited. To preserve and enhance soil fertility, the aim is to utilise closed nutrient cycles wherever possible.

Organic Orchard Fruit
Our organic orchard fruit comes from mixed orchards certified in compliance with the EU Regulation on Organic Production of Agricultural Products. The regulations and criteria are the same as the ones  that apply to organic quality.

Orchard Quality
The apples for our orchard fruit juices are grown in orchards throughout the region. Neither fertilisers nor pesticides are used on the orchards. Many of these areas are currently in the process of transitioning  to organic quality.

Wild Organic Fruit
Fruit in this quality refers to fruit gathered from controlled, certified organic wild areas, i.e. the wild fruit comes from a region that was mapped and then subsequently certified and monitored in accordance with the EU Regulation on Organic Production of Agricultural Products. Wild organic fruit is not grown on plantations.

Wild Fruit
This quality of fruit comes from fruit collected from controlled wild areas. The wild fruit grows in remote areas, far away from harmful and polluting emissions from traffic and industrial plants. Wild fruit is not grown on plantations.

Bioland is Germany’s largest organic farmers’ association. Bioland enterprises operate on a closed cycle basis – without using synthetic pesticides or chemical-synthetic nitrogen fertilisers. Animals are raised and kept in a manner appropriate to the needs of the species, and food products are processed gently and with care in order to support environmentally-friendly and sustainable food production.