Natural Organic Juices Since 1936
The small town of Pevestorf is located in the Wendland area in the German state of Lower Saxony, close to the Elbe River. The family-owned Voelkel company has been creating and producing natural, organic juices here for more than seventy-five years, now in the third generation, and the fourth is already actively involved in the business as well.

Since its founding,  Voelkel has been synonymous with the expert and traditional production of fruit and vegetable juices in Demeter and organic qualities. Our diverse and extensive range of natural organic juices is the result of our passion for our craft, enthusiasm about the abundance of nature, and our commitment to holistic, biodynamic agricultural methods. In our continuous search for new compositions, we integrate the latest nutritional science findings, blend high-quality, healthy ingredients into delicious recipes, and produce them as naturally as possible. The partnerships with our fruit and vegetable growers and our employees’ longstanding experience in natural, fresh-squeezed 100% pure juices guarantee the proven and appreciated Voelkel quality.

A Biodynamic Company History
In the 1920s, Karl and Margret Voelkel settled as pioneers, in true “wandering” spirit, in the Höhbeck area, a sparsely populated stretch of land on the Elbe River. They first planted apple, pear and cherry trees in their fruit orchard, along with strawberry, currant and gooseberry bushes, growing and cultivating them in line with anthroposophic principles. And so the Demeter biodynamic approach was already a foundation for the family business more than eighty years ago. Our dedication to this holistic agricultural concept has been a constant throughout the entire Voelkel history, and still is today.

After Karl and Margret Voelkel travelled from village to village for several years with a portable juice press called the “Mostmax”, turning the locals’ fruit into delicious juices, they set up a permanent organic fruit press in 1936 on the site of an old dairy farm in the town of Pevestorf, at the base of the Höhbeck hills. Starting in the mid-1940s, in the second generation of the family, the company, then managed by Harm Voelkel, made a name for themselves throughout Germany. Adopting a consistent strategy, Harm Voelkel carried on the company’s original idea of producing juice and processed fresh wild fruit into natural, delicious-tasting juices.

The company made the leap to a modern organic juice producer in the third generation, under the direction of Stefan Voelkel. He has headed up the family enterprise since the early 1980s, passionately developing new juice creations. Together with his team, the company now offers more than 155 different products in Demeter biodynamic and organic quality on the domestic (German) and foreign organic food markets.