Holistic Approach and Stringent Monitoring and Inspections
Voelkel has established an integrated food safety and quality management system and is certified to international standards. Regular inspections and tests conducted by independent testing and inspection institutes and continuous monitoring of the juice production operations in our own in-house laboratory guarantee the consistently high quality of Voelkel products.

It goes without saying that our naturally delicious organic juices are 100% pure and not from concentrates. We do not use concentrates, flavourings, dyes, colourings or preservatives in order to cut costs and save space. The exceptional taste of Voelkel’s high-quality 100% pure juices, refreshing soft drinks and fruit juice compositions comes exclusively from the fruit and vegetables themselves.

The development and production of premium juices in organic and Demeter biodynamic quality is the foundation for Voekel’s economic success. The source and procurement of our raw ingredients is the basis for the proven Voelkel quality. At Voelkel,  commitment in the cooperation with our partners is essential, because a personal relationship with our fruit and vegetables growers around the world and long-term contracts at fair terms and conditions enable us to purchase first-rate, ecological ingredients.

Natural Enjoyment through Gentle Processing
We procure approximately 25,000 tons of raw ingredients annually from our partners in Germany and around the world. We make it a priority to purchase all locally and regionally grown fruit from Germany and the Lower Saxony region.

The carefully selected fruit and vegetables are gently squeezed in our juice press in a process that retains all of the natural benefits and nutrients. The 100% pure, not-from concentrate juice is then pasteurised in a special flash (short heat) pasteurising process followed by immediate re-cooling. This method preserves the fruit’s own original, pure taste, while retaining a large extent of the natural plant substances and nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

The juice for our field-fresh vegetable juices is filled into bottles immediately after being pressed. In contrast, the gently pasteurised freshly-squeezed juice is stored in a large tank, until it is used in our many delicious recipes, such as our “7 Zwerge” (“7 Dwarfs)  children’s juice and “Multi Nature” and apple-mango creations.

We purchase organic or Demeter biodynamic quality exotic fruits, such as mangos and lemons, which do not grow naturally in Germany’s climate,  from the Mediterranean area, India or South America. In addition, we make sure that the transit routes are always kept as short as possible. The fruit is transported via ship for environmental protection reasons. To save space, conserve energy and preserve the valuable nutrients of the fully ripe fruit, some of our partners press it into juice or puree it prior to shipping it to us. We regularly monitor and inspect the quality and processing methods.