Commitment and Involvement

Responsibility for People and Nature
Responsibility for people and nature – our company motto is at the heart of all of our actions. As a pioneer in the organic sector, taking the well-being of our customers, employees and partners into account in all decisions,  preserving and conserving natural resources, and continuously optimising day-to-day operations is and remains vitally important to us. In line with the natural food philosophy, fair trade and long-term, personal relationships with our fruit and vegetable growers are a priority at Voelkel.  Social and environmental commitment, both regional and global, is ingrained in the Voelkel company philosophy as well.

Preserving biodiversity is of special importance to our company, and that is why we especially support two initiatives: the growth and cultivation of organic mixed orchards and the development and preservation of true-to-seed vegetable varieties. Our field-fresh vegetable juices, sauerkraut juice and musts are made exclusively from true-to-seed biodynamic Demeter varieties. True-to-seed varieties are able to propagate and pass on their characteristics. As a result, farmers do not become dependent on seed suppliers. Old, traditional fruit varieties grow in mixed orchards, which at the same time serve as sustainable environments and habitats for many types of insects, small mammals and birds. Our family-run, traditional juice mill is committed to and advocates for the preservation of the mixed fruit orchards that are typical for the northeast Lower Saxony region. 

Social commitment and involvement is another cornerstone of our company philosophy, and we are dedicated to supporting and funding children and youth projects. An example of our local involvement is our support of the “cello class” at the Lüchow-Dannenberg Music School. We believe that the close connection between the holistic Demeter philosophy and encouraging the artistic development and creativity of children and youth early on is an innovative and forward-thinking approach. Partnering with the Plan International children’s development organisation provides us with the ideal platform for helping children in developing countries. By donating part of the proceeds from sales of our “7 Zwerge” (“7 Dwarfs”) children’s juice, we are already supporting our third Plan project “Nutritional Health” in Paraguay. Proceeds from sales of our raspberry-cassis and natural orange BioZisch soft drinks help fund the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (German Children and Youth Foundation).