Our Company

It all began just over 75 years ago when Karl and Margret Voelkel started to harvest and press fruit from their own orchard. The current CEO Stefan Voelkel, the founders` grandson, proudly looks back on his roots: “My grandparents started cultivating fruit from their own orchard with ´bio-dynamic farming´ methods and the idea of ´Demeter´ became the foundations of our company.” From the outset Voelkel has taken a holistic approach towards the business; running like a thread through the entire history of the company.

We must take responsibility for nature and man! That’s why the Voelkel team used the occasion of the organic juice producer’s 75th anniversary to chronicle the aspects that are vitally important to you and compile them into a declaration of our guiding principles. You can read those Guiding Principles here. What makes our natural juices so special and the reason why we only use high-quality ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms goes back to the origins and evolution of our family-owned business. You can learn more about our History here. Click on Today to find out what products the extensive and diverse Voelkel assortment includes and how many employees are involved in producing and selling our natural organic fruit and vegetable juices. Information about our quality assurance system and how we process high-quality organic raw ingredients is provided in our section on Manufacture.

The raw ingredients we use for our products are categorised into different qualities. The quality of the ingredient(s) utilised for a product is listed on every bottle. For an explanation about the different types of qualities of our natural juices, see the section on Qualities. Our broad variety of products includes more than 150 pure, not-from-concentrate juices, nectars and soft drinks, along with innovative specialities such as organic cocktails – all made from pure  100% freshly squeezed juice. Click on Range of Products to discover more about our assortment.

In line with our company motto “Responsibility for People and Nature”, we are committed to a number of social and environmental projects. For further information on the projects we are involved in, click here: Commitment and Involvement. We have assembled and prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions about natural juices in our FAQ section, which contains answers and information about the different terms related to natural foods, the various production methods as well as details about our products and ingredients.


Download: Voelkel Organic Juices (508 KB)